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What does WFH Protection include?
Our plan covers hospitalisation from injuries, mental distress, office equipment damage or loss and more.
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*Terms & Conditions apply

Benefit Summary

Benefit Item Maximum Benefit Amount(HKD)
Ergonomic injury
Surgery cost incurred as a result of an ergonomic or postural injury caused by poor workspace design or conditions
Mental Health Therapy
Counselling or consultation expenses charged by clinical psychologist or psychiatrist if you suffer from mental distress caused or contributed to by working from home or coworking space
(daily limit: 500)
Accidental Hospitalization Medical Expenses
Actual hospitalization medical expenses incurred due to bodily injury sustained from accident at home or coworking space
with the following sub-limit

Follow-up Outpatient Consultation Expenses Extension

Outpatient consultation within 90 days after hospital discharge:
  1. Outpatient consultation performed by a registered medical practitioner; and/or
  2. Outpatient physiotherapy recommended by a registered medical practitioner with a referral letter and performed by a physiotherapist; and/or
  3. Acupuncture or Chinese bone-setting treatment necessarily and reasonably rendered by Chinese medicine bone-setter or acupuncturist

(daily limit: 200)

Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement
Accidents that cause death or permanent disablement during working at home or coworking space
Food Poisoning
Actual medical expenses incurred if you suffer from food poisoning directly caused by the delivery food for which the food delivery services is provided by a restaurant or food delivery operator
(daily limit: 300)
Home Office Equipment
Indemnify you against the office equipment (provided by your employer) being physical damaged due to accident or lost due to burglary whilst working from home
The above is intended as a general summary only. Please refer to the Policy Wordings for details.

Terms & Conditions

  • Each offer is standalone and can’t be used together with other promotions.
  • We’ll send you the Uber Ride or the dental session coupon 1 working day after purchase via email with the redemption details.
  • Redemption period is valid within 2 months from the purchase date.
  • If you cancel the policy halfway through the period, we reserve the right to take back the offer.