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Hey there! It’s the start of a brand new month!

We had an eventful June, wondering what you’ve missed?

Recap of Ongoing Campaigns:

  • Father’s Day Appreciation Special Promotion: 25% discount on selected products for men. For more details click here.

Selected Media Coverage

Once again, we are privileged to be featured as leaders exemplifying the technologically driven approach to customer-centric solutions and enhancing customer experience:

  • Etnet【專訪】安我保險:虛擬保險以科技提升服務,冀五年後收支平衡


  • Etnet財經新聞 Stock News- 金融 股市 股票分析


Product Highlights

New insurance products

We are pleased to roll-out the brand new child vaccination protection, highlights include:

  • Annual premium starting from $118
  • Wide coverage for vaccination types
  • Flexible choice of hospital wards

Please refer to our website https://www.heyavo.com/zh-hk/products/vaccine/ for more details and to make a purchase.

Product sneak peek

First-ever Insurance  e-Gift Card – what is it? How can it be used? Stay tuned for more tips and info.

That’s it – you’re all caught up for now! Stay tuned for exciting new updates throughout the month.

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