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Our partners

Avo’s partners range from industry leaders and corporations to SMEs and NGOs.

What is Avo Partnership?

Avo Partnership is a community of businesses and organisations that leverage Avo’s insurance plans add value for their customers. We help partners enhance and market their offerings with tailor-made business solutions, as well as improving their customers' life quality.

All-round business solutions

We help businesses take full advantage of our insurance solutions to benefit their brand equity and the community as a whole, bringing the motto “live a fruitful life” to life.
Suits brand equity
We transform our insurance plans into value-adding and brand-relevant business solutions
Supports SMEs
We offer comprehensive solutions for SMEs
Builds brand rapport
We tailor-make our solutions according to your business' audience and positions.

Case studies

Mirabell and Avo put insurance in consumers' shoes

Hong Kong’s major shoe retailer Mirabell joined Avo in launching the “Covering your shoes” collaboration, giving free Avo Shoe Protection coverage to Mirabell’s customers when purchasing shoes from designated brands. Customers are compensated with a Mirabell shoe voucher to purchase a new pair of shoes if the insured shoes are damaged or lost.

The value added to customers boosted Mirabell’s brand competitiveness and made it more attractive for customers to return.

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