Cancer Protection

No-frill pure cancer protection

Fight against common cancers throughout different stages, from diagnosis to recovery

Protect against common cancers¹, only HKD 0.74² per day

Cancer treatments can be overwhelming, financially and mentally. We understand. With cancer protection, you won’t walk alone in the combat against cancer. We’re with you from diagnosis and treatment to recovery, sharing your financial and mental burden
Shield the most critical - and your pocket
Get up to HKD3,000,000 lifetime benefit with only HKD22.08 per month!³ Cover cancers in all stages and carcinoma-in-situ of covered organs; and various tests, monitoring, hospitalisation, surgeries and treatments
Act early with carcinoma-in-situ coverage
Cover carcinoma-in-situ, which help you take early actions to to treat cancers
Cover expenses for monitoring and extended caring
Cover Chinese medicine treatment, acupuncture, physiotherapy, home nursing and more extended care. Additionally, monitoring expenses of up to 5 years after active treatment are also covered
Cover recurring cancer, with benefits resetting after 3 years
Cover renewing customers in the case of the same-type recurring cancer after 3 years, resetting up to HKD 1 million benefit
Instant results
Apply online, nice and easy. No documents and checkups required
No deductibles
Cover your actual medical expenses fully, subject to your benefit limit
What is carcinoma-in-situ? Why does it matter to me?

Another name for carcinoma-in-situ is ‘stage 0 cancer’. It refers to the status in which abnormal cells remain in their original place. The cells have neither spread to other organs nor developed into cancer4.

If we can identify a carcinoma-in-situ, the patient will have a higher chance of healing and surviving4.

Therefore, we also encourage eligible individuals to conduct regular cancer screenings. In this way, it is easier to identify cancerous symptoms or cancer in an early stage, enabling immediate actions

Does insurance cover carcinoma-in-situ?

With a rising concern towards carcinoma-in-situ, protection that covers carcinoma-in-situ is almost a must-have in your critical illness/ cancer insurance. Yet not all critical illness/ cancer insurances in the market cover carcinoma-in-situ. Avo Cancer Protection has included it as a covered item, encouraging early cancer treatment.

Pump up your cancer protection

Add a Male or Female Cancer Protection, and instantly cover up to 80% of cancer scenarios

Read our blog posts,learn more about cancer and related coverage

Covering every stage

Benefit Summary

Covered Organs
Brain, Colon, Gallbladder, Liver, Lung, Pancreas, Kidney and Stomach
Breast, Corpus uteri, Ovary and Cervix
Nasopharynx, Prostate, Testis and Penis
Lite (HKD)
Plus (HKD)
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1"Lifetime Benefit Limit" means the maximum amount of benefits paid by the Company to the Policy Holder cumulatively since the inception of these Terms and Benefits.
2"Covered Cancer Limit" means the maximum aggregate amount paid or payable in respect of the benefits for any one covered cancer. For the avoidance of doubt, the latest cancer is diagnosed with the same histopathology of any preceding cancer relapsed or metastasis within three (3) years of remission shall be treated as the same cancer.
3A referral letter from the attending Registered Medical Practitioner is required.
4For the insured person and one immediate family member.
For details on Benefits Summaries, refer to the documents below:

Important Notes

  • You must be aged between 18 and 65.
  • The maximum age we cover is 85 years old (for renewal only).
  • You must hold a valid HKID on the date of application.


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1Refers to brain cancer, colon cancer, gallbladder cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, pancreas cancer, kidney cancer and stomach cancer

2According to the Avo Cancer Protection Plus Plan monthly premium of a 30-year-old male non-smoker (HKD22.08) divided by 30 days, rounded up

3According to the Avo Cancer Protection Plus Plan monthly premium of a 30-year-old male non-smoker (HKD22.08), rounded up

4Nall, R. (2019, August 22). Carcinoma in situ: What is it and how is it treated? Medical News Today. Retrieved June 7, 2022, from Carcinoma in situ: What is stage 0 cancer?