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Female Cancer Protection

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Key Features

Avo cancer plans provide:

Comprehensive medical coverage

Comprehensive coverage for related diagnostic tests, treatment, surgery, inpatient and monitoring costs.

Flexible top-up plan

Supplement plans with extra coverage on other organs according to your needs.

No medical check-up is required

Easy and quick to apply with no supporting documents.

No deductible

Subject to benefit limit, your actual medical expenses will be fully covered.

Common cancers covered

Whether you are male or female, Avo covers the most common and critical cancers.

Cancer recurrence cover

Renewing customers who have a cancer recurrence after three years can still be covered.
"The Avo comprehensive cancer insurance products cover most forms of cancer, at both early and advanced stages, that affect both men and women. Our products provide peace of mind and financial security when you need it the most."
Adwin Tseng, Chief Health Officer, Avo Insurance
We are here to cover

from diagnosis, to treatment and recovery


Plans include lab tests, X-ray, CT and MRI scans.

During treatment

Includes treatment expenses i.e. radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, surgeries and more.


Plans include extended caring benefit for traditional Chinese medicine treatment, physiotherapy, home nursing and more.
We are here to create an

easy and enjoyable insurance experience

Avo was created as a desire to meet the needs of the modern customer. As Hong Kong's first virtual general insurer, we're embracing technology and innovation to enhance the entire insurance experience.

Easy to purchase plans

Manage all your policies online

File a claim quickly and hassle free

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