Female Cancer Protection

Cancer Protection

For peace of mind and when you need it the most

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Avo cancer plans provide:

Comprehensive medical coverage

Comprehensive coverage for related diagnostic tests, treatment, surgery, inpatient and monitoring costs

Flexible top-up plan

Supplement plans with extra coverage to 12 cancers

No medical check-up is required

Easy and quick to apply with no supporting documents

No deductible

Subject to benefit limit, your actual medical expenses will be fully covered

Common cancers covered

Avo covers the most common and critical female cancers

Cancer recurrence cover

Renewing customers who have a cancer recurrence after three years can still be covered
  • Get insured with Avo Cancer Protection and you can enjoy a one time teleconsultation powered by Aurora Tele-Oncology

Benefit Summary

Benefit Item
Covered Organs
Breast, Corpus uteri, Ovary and Cervix
Maximum Benefit Limit (applicable to Section A-D)
Lifetime Benefit Limit
Covered Cancer Limit
A. Diagnostic Benefit (in-patient and/or out-patient)
Full Cover
Full Cover
Including but not limited to lab test, X-ray, CT, MRI, positron emission tomography (PET), fine-needle aspiration for cytology or histopathology, or excisional biopsy for histopathology and any other diagnostic tests (and hospitalization charges if confinement is necessary)
B. Treatment Benefit
Active and Palliative Treatment Benefit
(in-patient and/or out-patient)
Full Cover
Full Cover
Including but not limited to chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiotherapy, target therapy and immunotherapy
Confinement Benefit
- Hospital Room and Board
- Physician Fee / Specialist Fee
- Intensive Care
- Surgical Expense
- Miscellaneous Hospitalization Expense
- Companion Bed
Full Cover
Full Cover
Pre or Post-treatment Out-patient Benefit
Full Cover
Full Cover
Maximum 1 consultation per day, provided that such out-patient visit is directly related to and as a result of the condition arising from the same cause (including any and all complications therefrom) necessitating such confinement
C. Reconstructive Surgery Benefit#
Full Cover
Full Cover
D. Monitoring Benefit
Full Cover
Full Cover
Up to 5 years after completion of active treatments
E. Extended Caring Benefit
Alternative Treatment Benefit
i) Traditional Chinese Medicines Treatment
ii) Acupuncture
iii) Physiotherapy#
iv) Occupational Therapy#
v) Speech Therapy#
vi) Dietician Consultation#
vii) Chiropractic Therapy#
viii) Psychological Counselling##
ix) Home Nursing#
$700 per visit,
maximum 1 visit per day
(maximum 45 visits per covered cancer)
$800 per visit,
maximum 1 visit per day
(maximum 45 visits per covered cancer)
Medical Devices Benefit#(purchase or rental)
$5,000 per covered cancer
$10,000 per covered cancer
Waiting Period
Effective Date of Protection
90 days after policy effective date
Recurrence or metastasis of the same cancer^
Date of diagnosis is at least 3 years apart
#Written recommendation from a physician is required
##For insured person and one immediate family member
^Same cancer means the latest cancer is diagnosed with the same histopathology of any preceding cancer
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Important Stuff

  • You must be aged between 18 and 65.
  • The maximum age we cover is 85 years old (for renewal only).
  • You must hold a valid HKID on the date of application.


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