Protect your Octopus card

eWallet Protection mini

Secure your payment tools, credit card, and even your physical Octopus
HKD 38 per year

eWallet mini protects your:

Multi-purpose Store Value Facilities (SVFs) and credit cards
Personalised Octopus or Octopus linked to Automatic Add Value Service (“AAVS”)

We cover you from:

Stolen purchases from your e-wallet account arising from identity theft or your insured Octopus
Unauthorised transactions from your credit card
Fraudulent transactions settled by insured eWallets from your electronic devices

What exactly is protected in my e-wallets

Under our Avo eWallet Protection mini, your e-wallet coverage includes…

Credit cards, whether your card is a physical one, or has been added to your Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay e-wallets

Electronic wallet services from a licensed Multi-purpose SVF, such as:
  • Octopus Wallet
  • PayMe from HSBC
  • AlipayHK
  • WeChat Pay HK

  • ……and more, as well as your Octopus Card!

    Is my Octopus covered?

    We’ll cover your Octopus if it’s a Personalised Octopus or an Octopus that’s linked to the Automatic Add Value Service (AAVS) that’s able to use the Lost Octopus Reporting Service

    • Personalised On-Loan or Sold Octopus
    • On-Load or Sold Octopus linked to AAVS
    • Personalised Octopus on Apple Pay / Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay
    • Octopus on Apple Pay / Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay with AAVS
    • You must be the AAVS account holder and the Octopus holder

    Reporting card loss may incur other charges, please refer to Octopus Cards Limited website for more details and the related fee will not be covered.

    Benefit Summary

    Benefit Item Annual Benefit Amount (HKD)
    eWallet Protection – Annual Benefit Amount
    We will reimburse you the actual and irrecoverable monetary loss to your eWallet(s) and/or credit card(s) due to unauthorized transactions from identity theft up to 15 days prior to you first reporting of such loss to the licensed eWallet operators by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”)

    Octopus Extension - Sub-limit*

    We will extend to reimburse the actual and irrecoverable monetary loss resulting from the unauthorized use of your insured octopus within the first 3 hours you have reported loss to Octopus Cards Limited. You can claim once during the period of insurance


    *Sub-limit is inclusive in the annual benefit amount
    The above is intended as a general summary only. Please refer to the Policy Wordings for details.

    Important Stuff

    • We cover your verified e-wallets issued by payment service providers under the licensing regime of HKMA.
    • Insured Octopus includes Personalized Octopus and/or Octopus linked to Automatic Add Value Service (“AAVS”) and you must be the AAVS account holder and the Octopus holder.
    • Supplementary card is not covered.
    • We will reimburse you the related financial loss up to annual benefit amount within the insurance period.


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