eWallet Protection

Avo’s eWallet covers
WeChat Pay HK, AlipayHK, PayMe, Octopus Wallet, Tap & Go and more
eWallet Protection
of HK$ 10,000
HK$ 79
Annual Premium
eWallet Protection
of HK$ 30,000
HK$ 237
Annual Premium
Everyday risks that lead to eWallet theft:
Lost phone
If you lose your phone you are potentially at risk to identify theft and fraudulent purchase
Hacked email
Your email gets hacked and that can lead to theft on your account
SIM hijacking
Takeover fraud of your phone number to a fraudster SIM can put your eWallet account at risk
Key eWallet features protect you from:
Unauthorised credit card spending
We cover unauthorized credit card spending in Hong Kong and overseas
Money lost in your eWallet
We cover the money stolen in your eWallet
Fraudulent transactions
We cover all eWallet accounts on multiple digital devices phone and tablet

Important Stuff

  • We will reimburse you the full amount of your related financial loss, up to 20% of your insured annual coverage, in each single event until the annual limit is reached. This 20% is known as the "Per Event Limit", please refer to the Policy Wordings for details.
  • You can’t change the amount of coverage during the insurance period.
  • Supplementary card are not covered.


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