Domestic Helper Protection

More care, less effort

Fulfilling your statutory obligation and attending to the medical needs of your overseas helper

Secure your domestic wonder

Take the initiative to protect your domestic helper who keeps your nest spick and span.

Keep your overseas helper’s medical expenses in check with our comprehensive protections3. Not only can you cover his/ her medical needs but also keep things in order against the unexpected.

Why wait? Get covered instantly for all protections
In a hurry to get your domestic helper on board? Avo Domestic Helper Protection has no waiting period. Your helper can get covered for all protections instantly as your online application is approved
Pay less or none for outpatient visits, with up to HKD250 cover per visit
Get an above-market-average outpatient coverage2 of up to HKD5,000 per year and up to HKD250 per visit, with no limit on doctor choice. Only for an annual premium that counts for 3 outpatient visits1! Your helper’s visit to physiotherapists, bone-setters, acupuncture, etc., are covered, securing medical treatment essentials3
Save some pennies for your helper’s dental treatments
Claim dental expenses of up to HKD500 per visit and HKD2,500 per year. Oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, X-rays, extractions or fillings as a result of dental disease are all covered3
Reimburse your expense for temporary replacement during your helper’s service suspension
Hired a temporary domestic helper as your full-time helper is hospitalised for 24 hours or above, and can’t deliver services? Reimburse as the actual expense of hiring temporary domestic helper to help3
Upper age limit? No longer an obstacle to protect your domestic helper
Cover domestic helpers aged 18 or above, so your helper can stay insured as long as you need
No excess
All overseas domestic helper protection items (like outpatient and dental care) are excess-free

Check out Avo’s plan for local domestic helpers!

Obtain HKD100 million in employees' compensation for your helpers with Avo Domestic Helper Local Plan, satisfying the liability as an employer under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance

Benefit summary

Plan type
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Case study

Mr. Apple

The breadwinner of the family and father of a daughter

Skip the wait and get insured immediately

Mr. Apple has decided to hire Amy, an overseas domestic helper referred by his friend to help him with the housework. Before Amy arrives, Mr. Apple has to prepare a domestic helper insurance to cover her. Mr. Apple finds that Avo Domestic Helper Protection has no waiting period, and instant online application approval is possible. As Mr. Apple is fully occupied with work and family, he finds it suits him well.

Reimburse up to HKD250 for each of your overseas helper’s outpatient visits

Amy caught a cold as the temperature dropped drastically, and thus visited the nearest clinic for treatment. As she is insured under Avo Domestic Helper Protection, Mr. Apple doesn’t have to pay for Amy’s medical visit as the clinical expense is within the HKD250 outpatient coverage3. Mr. Apple also found that, since he has purchased a 2-year plan, the claimed amount would exceed the premium of a year after 2 more outpatient visits of Amy1.

Acquire holistic medical coverage, including dental and physiotherapy expenses

Amy visited the dentist to extract her decayed teeth and fill her tooth. Mr. Apple remembers that Avo Domestic Helper Protection covers the dental expenses for the aforementioned and other common treatments. He then reimburses HKD500 for dental expenses through the plan3.

Obtain compensation as you hire a temporary domestic helper when your full-time helper is hospitalised

Amy got hit by a car when she went out for groceries. After diagnosis, she had to stay in the hospital for a week for treatment. Mr. Apple claims part of Amy’s inpatient expenses and hires a temporary part-time domestic helper to do Amy’s work. Therefore, he also reimburses the service fee of the part- time helper, which is HKD200 each day, compensating the extra costs arising from interrupted service3.

Avo Domestic Helper Protection also provides protections for:
  • Repatriation: cover up to HKD20,000 repatriation expenses in a year as a result that the domestic helper is medically unfit due to serious sickness or bodily injury, or death3
  • Replacement: compensate up to HKD10,000 to cover the expenses of hiring a new overseas domestic helper as a replacement3
  • Fraud or dishonesty: compensate the financial loss arising from the fraudulent or dishonest act of the overseas domestic helper3
  • Family member medical expenses: cover medical expenses of you or your family member from bodily injury caused by intentional malicious act of the overseas helper3

1Calculation based on 2-year Overseas Helper (Plus) Plan

2According to the average outpatient coverage amount of 26 domestic helper insurance plans listed on a reputed aggregator site in Hong Kong

3For Overseas Helper (Plus) Plan only

Important stuff

  • This protection covers events happened in Hong Kong only.
  • This protection covers domestic helpers who only carry out domestic duties with the monthly income not more than HKD17,000.
  • No cover will be provided for those who perform such other duties as, including but not limited to, driving and gardening.
  • Your domestic helper must be 18 years old or above, and hold a valid HKID card or foreign passport.
  • According to your understanding, your domestic helper has not been denied for new application or renewal of any domestic helper insurance, or has the insurance with additional premium imposed.
  • You must hold a valid HKID card and need to be the employer of the domestic helper under the employment contract.
  • The above information is for reference only. For details please read the policy.


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