AvoDynamics Sports Protection

Don’t look back. Keep moving.
Starting from HKD 16
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Day Pass
One size fits all
Good for common sport events or activities, available for up to 7 days
Season Pass
Hot deal
3-month cover, great for the regularly active bunch or anyone wanting to be fit
Annual Pass
The plan for the gurus
Unleash your inner athlete and get protected all year long
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Leisure + competition
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A protection plan for the active body

New to sports? Or already a sports lover? You’re in our good hands either way. AvoDynamics Sports Protection covers a wide range of activities, from fencing to badminton, swimming and even yoga, so you can worry less about accidents.

Sweat it out, the right way.
Right plan, right chance
Got a nasty injury and can’t use your gym membership? Or got unexpected roaming charges from hiking? Don’t worry, we got it*.
* Only applicable for Annual Pass users
Being leisure or competitive? It’s your choice.
Feeling competitive? We cover competitions, so just focus on your results.
Covers more than 40 sport types
We cover more than 40 types of sports, from running to swimming, ball games, hiking and even HIIT.
Thinking about it?

“Should I do some sports today?” - Day Pass would help.

“I've been working out for some time! Let’s try watersports!” - Season Pass it is!

“Sports define me!” - Annual Pass for gurus like you!

Location, location, location?

No matter where you are*, as long as you’re doing one of the covered sports, you’re eligible. Now that’s something!

* within Hong Kong only

But yup, you need to be active to make use of this plan, so stop scrolling and start stretching!

Benefit summary

Plan type
Day Pass (HKD)
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The above is intended as a general summary only. Please refer to the Policy Wordings for details.

Case studies

Now, how does this plan actually work? We have 3 cases for you: casual hiker Cherry, your average Joe Orange and Cado the super-duper runner.

Cherry loves the great outdoors. Who doesn’t like a good hike in the weekends - plus loads of IG stories?

Cherry got really sick during a hike, and was taken to the hospital for heat stroke. Luckily Avo has her back, but better drink more water next time.

Cherry got too dehydrated and actually needs to stay in hospital for a few days. Avo will pay for her medical expenses and a lump sum cash allowance, so it’s all good.

Important stuff

  • The Insured Person must be aged between 6 and 65 and hold a valid HKID. For the Insured Person aged below 11, Hong Kong birth certificate is also acceptable.
  • The Policy Holder must be aged 18 or above and hold a valid HKID.
  • The Policy Holder must be the Insured Person or a parent or legal guardian of the Insured Person.
  • The change of policy effective date is not allowed once the Policy is issued.
  • The Policy will not provide any cover to an Athlete who competes in Covered Sports and receives from third party any form of remuneration, income, sponsorship, subsidy, scholarship and/or allowance on a recurrent basis for participating in training and/or preparation for competition.
  • Within the same Period of Insurance, a person can be an Insured Person for one AvoDynamics Sports Protection policy only.
  • Refund of Premium:
    Day Pass Plan - Once the Policy is issued, no premium refund will be made.
    Season Pass Plan - Once the Policy is issued, no premium refund will be made except for the policy cancellation notice is given by the Policy Holder before the commencement of the Period of Insurance, a partial refund of premium is entitled.
    Annual Pass/ Annual Pass Plus Plan - Provided no claim has been made and the remaining Period of Insurance is more than 6 months when the Policy is cancelled, a partial refund of premium is entitled.
  • Premium rate quoted has included the Premium Levy as required by the Insurance Authority. For more details, click here.
  • The above information is for reference only and does not constitute any contract between Policy Holder and Avo. Please read the Policy Wordings for details.


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