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AvoDynamics Sports Protection

3 plans, adjust to your routine. Cover your daily workout, extreme sports activities, and even competitions
From HKD 16

Before you toughen up, Avo’s with you to get over the pain

Sports injuries steal your joy and break your chain. With AvoDynamics Sports Protection, you can focus on recovery whereas our Protection covers so that you can return to the field as soon as possible.

Covering over 40 types of sports ranging from land sports, ball games and water sports to extreme sports, combined with 3 plans to pick from, our Protection is tailored to your workout habits with boosted flexibility. If you want to test your limit, Avo also offers the ‘Leisure + competition’ option that keeps you covered in local and overseas amateur competitions2!

Flexible period for varying needs
Get your best-fit sports protection according to your needs! Choose from day, season or annual pass - whether you’re on an occasional hike, gym taster session or regular workout routine, there’s always one that fits your habits
Go popular or off-beaten? 40+ types of sports in our basket
Our Protection covers over 40 types of sports activities, even extreme sports. Whether you go for the more popular ones like running and fitness, or emerging choices like skateboarding and archery, we’ve got you covered. Surprise or not, fishing is also on our list!
Hit your next high with us
In the mood to get competitive? Avo supports everyone who wants to go the extra mile. Select ‘Leisure + Competition’ to get covered in amateur competitions (such as marathons). You can even stay covered in overseas contests with Season/Annual Pass!
Don’t worry about your prepaid membership fees
Need a break from the gym or class to heal? Our sports insurance covers the loss of unused, non-refundable prepaid membership and subscription fees3
Roam boundlessly - you’re safe at all sports venues
As long as you’re engaging in a covered sports activity, you can roam carefreely. We don’t set limits for where you’re doing the sports to be protected1
Covers up to HKD500 follow-up outpatient consultation expenses per visit
We cover up to HKD500 outpatient consultation 90 days following hospital discharge. Physiotherapy, Chinese bone-setting and acupuncture are also covered

Stay protected regardless of your workout routines

Pick from 3 choices, according to your workout practices. We’ve got your plans - whether you do sports casually or aim high!

Day Pass: 1-7 days protection

Exercising on a whim or planning to hike with pals? Our Protection offers Day Pass between 1-7 days to fit in your sports plan seamlessly

Season Pass: 3-month protection

Rough training season? Or time for some water sports? Facing the change in sports intensity or environment, our Protection helps you get over injuries. With Season Pass, you’ve us at your back for 3 months

Annual Pass: a year-round protection

Everyone fails; what matters is how to pick yourself back up. Our Annual Pass covers your medical expenses incurred by accidental injuries, so you can focus on recovery and return in good shape. We’re up for going farther with you

Location matters

As long as you’re doing one of the covered sports in Hong Kong, you’re in good hands.

If you’re active in contests, we recommend you opt for Season Pass or Annual Pass (Leisure + competition).

With these, you’re not only get protected for workout and amateur competitions in Hong Kong, but also overseas competitions. Simply strive for the best - we’ll take care of the rest!

Benefit summary

Plan type
Day Pass (HKD)
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The above is intended as a general summary only. Please refer to the Policy Wordings for details.

Case studies

Cherry, the casual holiday hiker

Cherry went hiking last weekend with friends. As she just does sports casually, she bought a Day Pass in case of sports injuries.

As time went on and the trail got steeper, Cherry started to feel under the weather. Her clothes couldn’t breathe well, which made things even worse. Not soon after, Cherry was too dizzy and couldn’t even lift her foot!

Cherry was later sent to the hospital and diagnosed with heat stroke. Since she remained in high body temperature and delirium, she stayed in the hospital for a few days. With Avo’s sports protection, she got paid for the medical expenses and a lump sum cash allowance.

1Except exclusion items, which include scuba diving to a depth greater than 30 meters below sea level and trekking at an altitude greater than 5,000 meters above sea level

2Only applicable to Season Pass and Annual Pass

3Only applicable to Annual Pass

Important stuff

  • The Insured Person must be aged between 6 and 65 and hold a valid HKID. For the Insured Person aged below 11, Hong Kong birth certificate is also acceptable.
  • The Policy Holder must be aged 18 or above and hold a valid HKID.
  • The Policy Holder must be the Insured Person or a parent or legal guardian of the Insured Person.
  • The change of policy effective date is not allowed once the Policy is issued.
  • The Policy will not provide any cover to an Athlete who competes in Covered Sports and receives from third party any form of remuneration, income, sponsorship, subsidy, scholarship and/or allowance on a recurrent basis for participating in training and/or preparation for competition.
  • Within the same Period of Insurance, a person can be an Insured Person for one AvoDynamics Sports Protection policy only.
  • Refund of Premium:
    Day Pass Plan - Once the Policy is issued, no premium refund will be made.
    Season Pass Plan - Once the Policy is issued, no premium refund will be made except for the policy cancellation notice is given by the Policy Holder before the commencement of the Period of Insurance, a partial refund of premium is entitled.
    Annual Pass/ Annual Pass Plus Plan - Provided no claim has been made and the remaining Period of Insurance is more than 6 months when the Policy is cancelled, a partial refund of premium is entitled.
  • Premium rate quoted has included the Premium Levy as required by the Insurance Authority. For more details, click here.
  • The above information is for reference only and does not constitute any contract between Policy Holder and Avo. Please read the Policy Wordings for details.


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