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FAQ for Avo Travel Protection - Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

On 30th January 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The related situation has urged WHO to set travel advices for certain cities, areas and countries. Therefore, we would treat any claims arising from Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia as a “known event”  effective from 30th January 2020. All claims due to Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia will not be covered.

If you are worried about medical expenses caused by COVID-19 during your insured trip, you may consider adding the COVID-19 Extension to your single travel insurance.

What is covered for the "COVID-19 Extension"?

Notwithstanding COVID-19 is regarded as a “known event” and all claims related to the COVID-19 is not covered under Avo travel insurance* policies, we now provide an option for you to add COVID-19 Extension to your policy with additional premium. 

With COVID-19 Extension, if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 whilst on your trip, Avo travel insurance* will cover medical & related expenses incurred overseas and follow up medical expenses in Hong Kong. The emergency medical evacuation is also covered.  

The Extension is applicable for the following Designated Countries/ Regions:

  • Mainland China,
  • Macao Special Administrative Region,
  • Singapore and
  • Taiwan 

 Maximum duration of travel:

  • 30 Days 

 *The COVID-19 extension is only applicable for Single trip travel.

 *Avo travel insurance including Avo Travel Protection (Upgraded), Avo China Travel Protection (Upgraded) and Avo GBA Travel Protection (Upgraded)

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