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  • With Avo eWallet Protection mini, you don’t have to worry about losing your Octopus anymore!

With Avo eWallet Protection mini, you don’t have to worry about losing your Octopus anymore!

Octopus Card "Loss and Misuse" Protection is the first of its kind, exclusively for customers covered under Avo eWallet Protection mini. 

As an addition to the original eWallet protection, which covers all unauthorized transactions of eWallets and credit cards with stored-value payment tool licenses, such as AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK, O!ePay by Octupus and PayMe by HSBC, etc –  Avo eWallet Protection mini now offers extended protection on Octopus. You may refer to the Policy Wordings for more details.

Avo eWallet Protection mini covers Octopus that are eligible for using the Lost Octopus Reporting Service for example: 

  • Personalised Octopus (Loan version)

  • Personalised Octopus (Sold version)

  • Octopus with Automatic Add Value Service (AAVS) 

  • Sold Octopus with AAVS 

  • Personalised Octopus on Apple Pay 

  • Personalised Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay 

  • Octopus on Apple Pay with AAVS 

  • Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay with AAVS 

We understand new insurance products can be intimidating. Therefore, we’ve outlined a typical claims process for the Octopus Card protection to demonstrate just how easy it is!    

Before getting insured: Make sure your Octopus can be covered under the Avo eWallet Protection mini. 

Aw man! You lost your card!

Go to the Octopus website and report the missing. After that’s done, you’ll immediately get your lost item number.  

Your lost item report is being confirmed by Octopus Cards Limited.   

Octopus Cards Limited will notify you with your balance calculated three hours after the loss is reported, and will refund it after deducting the service fee or transfer the remaining balance to your replacement Octopus. 

If there is any unauthorized transaction appeared within three hours after the loss reporting, the card owner can submit the claim to Avo Insurance with the loss details and report. 

Useful links: 

Lost Octopus Reporting Service https://www.octopus.com.hk/en/consumer/customer-service/report-lost/index.html

Claim section on Avo website https://www.heyavo.com/en/claim/

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