Worldwide and Asia Travel Protection

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Single Trip from
HK$ 39 per day
Covers you for a single trip or holiday and up to 182 days. It is cost effective if you don’t travel often.
Annual Plan from
HK$ 990 per annum
Insures you for multiple trips and destinations throughout a year, and could work out cheaper in the long run.
Why buy Avo Worldwide and Asia Travel Protection?
Accidents do happen, no matter where and what you are doing around the world. Avo’s travel protection plan is designed primarily to cover personal accidents, medical treatment or emergencies, trip cancellations, as well as loss of possessions.

Depending on what country you are in around the world, getting ill or injured can be more complicated and expensive than if you’re in Hong Kong. Taking out travel insurance can give you that added security and peace of mind should anything happen.
The main benefits cover personal accidents, accidental death, emergency medical and related expenses, which is reflected in the Benefit Schedule.
New: Travel Insurance COVID-19 Extension
With HK$8 extra premium per trip, you can add COVID-19 Extension to your single trip travel insurance policy.

If you are first diagnosed with COVID-19 whilst on your trip, Avo travel insurance will cover medical & related expenses incurred overseas and follow up medical expenses in Hong Kong. The emergency medical evacuation is also covered.
Considerations for choosing an insurance plan:
When choosing whether to buy a travel insurance, you should consider the risks and the consequences that can happen before, during and after your trip. Different benefits and coverage could affect the cost of an insurance plan:
Covers cancellations, disruptions or delays to your travel plans
During Trip
Covers personal accidents, medical bills to lost baggage and more
Post Trip
Covers follow up medical treatment and trauma counselling and more
Easy and enjoyable digital insurance experience
Avo was created as a desire to meet the needs of the modern customer. As Hong Kong’s first virtual general insurer, we’re embracing technology and innovation to enhance the entire insurance experience.
Types of coverage:
Where you go, and what you do on your trip, makes a difference to the type of cover you need. Plans vary and without the right insurance, you could find yourself not having the appropriate cover. Lite and Plus* protection plans include:
Personal accidents
Inclusive of double accidental death benefit on public transport
Medical bills
Overseas and post-trip medical coverage
Emergency assistance
Inclusive of emergency medical evacuation
Personal liability
Covers your legal liability for causing third party bodily injury or property damage
*Trip inconveniences
Coverage for trip cancellation, interruption or delay
*Lost baggage
Coverage from lost, stolen to damage to your baggage during your trip
Tips to make your travel insurance cheaper:
One annual payment
A multi-trip policy could work out cheaper if you’re a regular traveller.
Go for a cheaper plan
We’ve designed the Lite plan to cover what we think is the essential coverage you need.
One policy covers all
Apply the cover for all insured persons under one policy, gives you greater convenience.
Only cover the destinations you're visiting
Don’t choose an annual worldwide option if you think you’ll only travel around Asia.
Your personal belongings and travel delay protection
Check if these are already covered by your credit card, home or gadget insurance.
Make sure you don’t have any other travel insurance
Check you haven’t already got any travel insurance attached to a travel booking like a flight or hotel booking.
Running a marathon overseas?
We also cover marathon running as an extra benefit.

Benefit Summary
1  50% of Personal Accident Benefits amount for child (age<18)
2  Additional premium applies
The above is intended as a general summary only. Please refer to the Policy Wordings for details.
COVID-19 Extension

Important Stuff

  • We can cover your leisure travels and business trips (so long as it’s an office job).
  • The maximum age covered is 80 years old.
  • Your trip must depart from and return to Hong Kong.
  • Personal Accident Benefits for child are 50% of the total Benefit Amount.
  • For annual policy, you can’t change, add or remove Insured Person(s) during the insurance period.
  • We do not cover: Afghanistan, Belarus, Central African Republic, Crimea, Congo, Eritrea, North Korea, Guinea, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen.


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